Financial Ratings


Debt Table
A.M. Best1 Moody's2 Standard & Poor's3
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Senior debt     a-    Baa1       BBB+
Junior subordinated debentures     bbb    Baa2       BBB-
Preferred stock     bbb    Baa3       BBB-
  • Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. senior debt, preferred stock, and junior subordinated debentures are on stable outlook at A.M. Best, Moody's, and Standard and Poor’s

Customers usually focus on claims-paying ratings, while creditors look at debt ratings. Investors use both to evaluate a company's overall financial strength.

Ratings agencies examine a myriad of key factors:

Quantitative financial performance — profit margins, financial leverage, liquidity, cash flows, capital and surplus ratios.

Qualitative judgments — underwriting cycle, competitive environment, regulatory and political factors, soundness of reinsurance, reserves, quality of invested assets, management experience and accomplishments.

1 - A.M.Best is the oldest provider of insurance ratings and financial data exclusively focused on the insurance industry. Rating is from 2021.

2 - Moody's is a leading global credit provider of credit ratings, research and risk analysis with over 100 years of experience. Rating is from 2021

3 - S&P Global Rating, formerly known as Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, has been a leading provider of credit ratings, research, and thought leadership for more than 150 years. Rating is from 2021.