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Corporate Governance

Political Engagement

The Hartford Advocates Fund and The Hartford Advocates Federal Fund (the "Funds"), our company’s political action committees, are nonpartisan organizations that provide opportunities for employees to participate in the American political process. On The Hartford’s path to being an exceptional company, we need an exceptional voice. Members of the Funds help to amplify the voice of our company, customers and shareholders through their leadership and advocacy.

As part of The Hartford's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, we do not make corporate contributions to political candidates or parties, even where allowed by law. In accordance with this policy, we require that no portion of our dues paid to trade associations be used for political contributions.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct permits the use of corporate resources for nonpartisan political activity. Consistent with federal and state law, these activities include nonpartisan voter education, including issue education, voter registration and grassroots lobbying to influence legislation or ballot referenda. These contributions may not be tied to the procurement of The Hartford’s products and services and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

More details about The Hartford’s political compliance can be found in our 2016 Political Activities and Contributions report.