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Corporate Governance

Governance Documents

Code of Ethics

The Hartford's Codes of Ethics & Business Conduct reflect our corporate culture of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. They guide the way we treat one another, our clients and our community.

Message from Chairman and CEO

Doing the right thing every day is core to The Hartford’s character. Character is central to our company’s vision to be exceptional. We want to be known not only for our financial performance and our value to customers, but also for who we are.

Our annual employee surveys show that nearly all of our employees enthusiastically believe The Hartford shows a commitment to ethical business decisions and conduct. We can take great pride in the fact that our results far exceed the top 25 percent of global companies and that we work for a company that values ethical behavior and business practices.

Our stakeholders – customers, partners, investors, employees and regulators – know they can count on us to uphold the highest standards of ethics and compliance. The strength of our character is validated through recognition from the Ethisphere Institute, which has repeatedly named The Hartford as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Let’s continue to be recognized as a company that goes well beyond making statements about doing business ethically, and translate those words into action. A good place to begin is The Hartford’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which reinforces our behaviors and provides guidance when the right course of action may not be immediately clear.

Thank you for continuing to protect and sustain The Hartford’s character and reputation for integrity.


Chris Swift
Chairman and CEO

The Code of Ethics was last updated on May 3, 2017 for technical, administrative and other non-substantive changes. Prior to that it was updated on May 4, 2016 for technical, administrative and other non-substantive changes. June 8, 2015 to: 1) create a visually appealing, understandable document that not only relays The Hartford’s values, but also provides FAQs and examples to ensure that employees know how to apply the principles in the Code; 2) incorporate a creative, modern design that fits with The Hartford’s brand and culture; and 3) include interactive elements such as robust navigation and searching, multimedia and linking.


Retaliation-Free Workplace

You can share your concerns anonymously. The Hartford does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who shares their concerns in good faith.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The following guidelines have been approved by the board of directors and, along with the by-laws, the charters and key practices of the board committees, provide the basic framework for governance at The Hartford.


Our By-laws are the formal rules which articulate the respective powers and responsibilities of our shareholders, officers and directors. They also outline the Company's basic corporate obligations to these constituencies.