Director Insights Video Series

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Director Insights Video Series

As part of The Hartford’s Director Insights Video Series, members of our Board of Directors provide a glimpse into the boardroom and offer their perspectives on issues of importance for our stakeholders.

Board Effectiveness and Composition:

Trevor Fetter, Lead Director of The Hartford, discusses the Board’s governance during recent turbulence, the importance of diverse and independent perspectives in the boardroom, how the Board measures its success and identifies areas for improvement, and the Board’s role in overseeing The Hartford’s strategy.

Oversight of Sustainability

Teresa Wynn Roseborough, Chair of the Board’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, discusses the importance of ESG to The Hartford, ESG governance, the importance of transparency into the company’s ESG profile for all stakeholders, and how The Hartford embeds ESG into the fabric of the company.

Ethics, Compliance & Company Culture

Kathryn Mikells, Chair of the Board’s Audit Committee, discusses the importance of a company’s ethics and culture and how The Hartford holds itself to a high ethical standard, how the Board oversees The Hartford’s controls and compliance program, and how all companies, including The Hartford, are playing a larger role in society today.