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The Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement provides information about the matters to be acted upon by The Hartford's shareholders. The proxy statement also contains information about the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and its committees and provides information about each nominee for election as a director.

Download Documentation2015 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2015 Annual Chairman's Letter
Download Documentation2014 Form 10-K
Download Documentation2014 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2014 Incentive Stock Plan
Download Documentation2014 Annual Chairman's Letter
Download Documentation2013 Form 10-K
Download Documentation2013 Annual Chairman's Letter
Download Documentation2013 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2012 Form 10-K
Download Documentation2012 Annual Chairman's Letter
Download Documentation2012 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2011 Form 10-K
Download Documentation2011 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2010 Annual Report
Download Documentation2010 Form 10-K
Download Documentation2010 Annual Chairman's Letter
Download Documentation2010 Proxy Statement
Download Documentation2009 Form 10-K
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